I Know I Know License & Registration Car Decal / Sticker


– Size: 8.5×1.8 inches
– Easy Application
– Long Lifespan
– White Vinyl

    We hand make all of our Decals here in the USA. High quality Oracle vinyl. Rated to last 6 years. We stand behind all of our decals 100%. We Include application instructions with all of our decals.


    Yes im one of those guys who likes going 11mph over the speed limit, but Ill tell ya the first time a cop pulled me over after purchasing this and placing it on my back window he started cracking up when i already had my “License & Registration” waiting for him. Im not saying everyone should speed after buying this but it was worth it to see the look on this officer’s face as well as seeing him cracking up while running my ID in his cruiser.

    I purchased this sticker about 1 1/2 ago and still is bright white and looks great !! People stop me and ask me where I got this and tell me that is awesome dude !! I am happy with this product and the speedy service and delivery of product. I received within 4 days of purchase and would recommend to anyone


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